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Agriculture Initiative
Precision Ag equipment showcased at Agriculture Career Day
Precision Ag equipment showcased at Agriculture Career Day

Lawrence County Schools Agriculture Initiative allows our students a relevant and rigorous educational experience that will benefit both the student and the community.

The long term vision is to create a program that focuses on our largest industry, agriculture. The program highlights the career opportunities available in the area of agriculture and gives many of our students an ability to expand their interest in hopes of increasing our college enrollment and producing career ready adults. This, in turn, provides our students the opportunity to return/remain home to live, work and raise families.

Mr. Heath Grimes, Lawrence County Schools Superintendent was inspired for innovation following a book study of Mr. Jim Collins’ book entitled, “Good to Great”. Lawrence County is a rural district in northwest Alabama where our largest industry is agriculture. Lawrence County has seen a declining student population over the past decade. The trend of graduating students moving to other areas for employment is a growing concern.

Mr. Grimes began the Lawrence County Agriculture Initiative in an effort to prepare students for college and career, as well as retain them in our county. Both of these things would be key to improving our industrial development . The initiative will meet all students at their own level. It also, provides a relevant and rigorous educational experience better preparing those students for college and career.

Elementary—Middle Schools

Elementary and Middle school students have the ability to participate in three programs; Ag in the Classroom, Junior Master Gardener, and Career Explorations. These programs were implemented in the second and third grades. Kindergarten and First grade will be added in successive years for Ag in the Classroom. Fourth and Fifth grades will be added in each successive year for Junior Master Gardener. Sixth through Eighth graders will be allowed to participate in Career Explorations, giving students insight into the exciting world of agricultural careers. These programs enable our students to see a relevant link for their school and community.    

High Schools

Students in grades nine through twelve have two areas of instruction. Agricultural activities will be linked to learning objectives in core courses, also students will be able to enroll in Agribusiness elective courses supporting those activities in core classes. Students and teachers can participate in supervised agricultural experiences that allow a real world correlation to academic objective activities. Students also participate in the Alabama Chicken and Egg Festival Ag Career Day, interacting with professionals from many agricultural fields.