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School Health Resources

Folder Asthma (1 Files)
doc file School Asthma Assessment
Folder Athletic Physical Form (1 Files)
pdf file AHSAA Physical Form
Folder Communicable Diseases (2 Files)
doc file Communicable_Disease_Procedures_4-2015_1.doc
doc file Communicable_Diseases_School_Return_Guidelines_4-2015_1.doc
Folder Diabetes (4 Files)
doc file Diabetes At School
pdf file Hyperglycemia_handout.pdf
pdf file Hypoglycemia_handout.pdf
ppt file Tier_I_and_II_Managing_Diabetes_in_the_School_Setting-SDE_(3)_1.pptx
Folder Drug Testing (2 Files)
doc file Drug Testing Consent Form - Extracurricular Activities
doc file Drug Testing Consent Form - Parking
Folder Head Lice (6 Files)
pdf file CDC - Lice - Head Lice - Prevention & Control 2013.pdf
pdf file CDC - Lice - Head Lice - Treatment 2013.pdf
pdf file Coloring Book
doc file Head_Lice_School_Return_Guidelines_5-2015_1.doc
doc file Parent head Lice Letter
doc file Pediculosis_Screening_Procedures_5-2015_1.doc
Folder Health History Forms (1 Files)
pdf file Alabama School Health Record 2017
Folder Immunizations (2 Files)
pdf file Adolescent Flyer - Tdap
doc file Immunization Procedure
Folder Medical Emergency Response (1 Files)
doc file Medical Emergency Response Plan
Folder Medication Administration (4 Files)
doc file Medication At School
doc file Parent Provider Authorization - OTC
doc file Provider Parent Authorization - Rx
doc file Self-administration of Medication
Folder School Health Programs (1 Files)
doc file School Health Programs 2017-18
Folder School Nurse Substitute Program (1 Files)
doc file Nurse_Substitute_Responsibilities_1.doc
Folder Seasonal Flu (4 Files)
pdf file Cover Your Cough
pdf file Everyday Preventive Actions that can Help Fight Germs, Like Flu
pdf file The Flu: A Guide for Parents
pdf file Wash Your Hands
Folder Seizures (4 Files)
doc file Emergency Treatment of Seizures
doc file School Seizure Assessment
pdf file Seizure First Aid - Complex Partial, Psychomotor, Temporal lobe
pdf file Seizure First Aid - Grand Mal
Folder Allergies (10 Files)
doc file Allergies At School.doc
doc file Allergy Assessment.doc
pdf file Egg-free Diet
pdf file Milk-free Diet
pdf file Peanut-free Diet
doc file Physician order for allergies at school.doc
pdf file Shellfish-free Diet
pdf file Soy-free Diet
pdf file Tree Nut - free Diet
pdf file Wheat-free Diet
Folder Drug Awareness (3 Files)
pdf file Drug Abuse Chart
pdf file Prescription/OTC Drug Abuse Guide
pdf file Synthetic Drugs Parent Guide
Folder Employee Wellness-Flu Shots 2017-18 (8 Files)
pdf file ADPH Flu Shot Form
doc file Employee Flu Shots 2017-18
doc file Employee Wellness 2017-18
doc file Employee Wellness and Flu Shot Schedule - Fall 2017
pdf file PEEHIP My Active Health Registration
pdf file PEEHIP Physician Screening Form
pdf file VIS - Influenza
doc file Wellness Appointment Link
Folder Enterovirus D68 (1 Files)
pdf file EVD-68 Information - ADPH
Folder Influenza Disease and Vaccination (2 Files)
pdf file Influenza Disease
pdf file Influenza Law
Folder Meningococcal Disease and Vaccine (2 Files)
pdf file Meningococcal Disease and Vaccine Information
pdf file Meningococcal Legislation
Folder Student Flu Vaccinations- PEEHIP - 2017-18 (4 Files)
pdf file ADPH Flu Shot Form
doc file ADPH Student Flu Vaccinations 2017-18
doc file Lawrence County Schools 2017 Wellness and Flu Clinics
pdf file VIS - Influenza
Folder Sunscreen Law (1 Files)
pdf file Sunscreen Law