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  • COVID-19   CNP Plans until March 27th.  (Not serving during Spring Break)

    We will operate under USDA Seamless Summer Option Program (SSO).  USDA has waived the regulation of congregate dining. We are waiting on our ALSDE/CNP memo to clarify additional waivers.

    1. We are planning on Curb-side pick-up of a Free breakfast and a lunch per person, ages 0-18 yrs old.
    2. Mentally and physically handicap can be older than 18.
    3. To comply with public health recommendations on social distancing we will offer meals for multiple days on a single, scheduled pick up days.  
    • Day 1 Pick-up—Wednesday (10:30am-1pm) 3/18/20---Meals  to last through Friday, March 20th.   
    • Day 2 Pick-up—Monday (10:30am-1pm) 3/23/20---Meals last through Tuesday March 24th. 
    • Day 3 Pick-up—Wednesday 10:30am-1pm 3/25/20 ---Meals to last through Friday March 27th.  
    1. Handouts about Refrigeration, Sanitation, and Health information will be included in Pick-up. 
    2. Meals will only be handed to 0-18 year olds that are in the car
    3. School staff only allowed in the cafeteria---no children or outside volunteers.  

    ***Pickup is at the back door of Hatton Elementary cafeteria***

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