Completing the online enrollment form does not guarantee enrollment. You must bring all required documentation to the school to complete the enrollment process.

    Students enrolling at a school other than the home school must have an approved hardship prior to enrolling.

    Before you start the online enrollment process, gather the following documents and information. Required documents must be brought to the school to complete enrollment.

    Prepare for enrollment by gathering the following documents and information:

    Proof of Residency (all documents are required- bring copies to the school):

    1. A copy of your deed (homeowners) or your lease (renters).
    2. A copy of your current utility bill showing the account in the name of parent/guardian and property address.
    3. A copy of your Land Tax Assessment from the Lawrence County Revenue Commissioner’s Office (for homeowners and renters). 
    4. If you are a renter, you must complete the Verification of Residency form (available at the school).

    Family Contact Information

    1. Phone numbers and addresses

    Medical Information

    1. Phones numbers for doctor and dentist


    Create an account and login.


    1. Open the New Student Enrollment Form

    2. Click the "Create Account" button

    3. Complete your profile and security information and sign in.

    The total online enrollment process will take 20-30 minutes. You may save the application and return at a later time to complete the online enrollment. Once you are finished with the online form, you must visit the school with your required documents to complete the enrollment process.


    If applicable, please bring the following documents to the school when completing the enrollment process:

    1. Alabama Immunization certification
    2. High School transcript, 9-12
    3. Copy of students IEP, 504, or I-ELP plan
    4. Copy of student social security card, if available
    5. Copy of child's birth certificate, if available
    6. Custody papers, if applicable