About Lawrence County Schools

  • Vision Statement:

    Partnering with community to empower all students to become self-learners by providing excellent instruction for every child in every class every day, developing responsible citizens who are college and career ready.


    Mission Statement:

    Excellent instruction, Every Class, Every Child, Every Day


    Beliefs About Teaching and Learning

    1. All Students can learn.

    2. A Safe and supportive learning environment promotes student achievement.

    3. Effective teaching requires planning, creativity, and implementation, with reflection and processing.

    4. The collaboration of teachers, administrators, parents, staff, and community is essential to advancement of school system's mission and goals. 

    5. Each student is a valued individual with unique physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs.


     Lawrence County Schools

    The Lawrence County Board of Education is the largest employer in the county. The Lawrence County School System employs approximately 680 staff. The Lawrence County School district maintains an average enrollment of 5,000 students. There are 12 schools representing seven communities. Four high schools include 5A Lawrence County High, 4A East Lawrence High, 2A Hatton High, and 1A RA Hubbard High. The Lawrence County Center Technology serves as a training center for current career paths for all of our high schools. Our feeder schools include Moulton Elementary serving grades K - 4 and Moulton Middle serving grades 5 - 8. Speake Elementary serves grades K - 6 and upon completion of elementary school transfer to Moulton Middle and then students from these three schools feed Lawrence County High 9 - 12. Feeder Schools in the Caddo or east side of the county include East Lawrence Elementary K - 4 and East Lawrence Middle 5 - 8 serving as the foundation for East Lawrence High 9-12 school. Hatton Elementary serves K - 6 and Mount Hope Elementary serves K - 6 and these students at the completion of their school's highest grade transfer into Hatton High 7 - 12 school. Hazlewood School serves K - 6 and these students transfer into RA Hubbard which serves 7 - 12 in the district. The Lawrence County Developmental Center (LCDC) serves students from all schools in grades 9 - 12 with severe cognitive disabilities, focusing on life skills and transition opportunities. The Judy Jester Learning Center serves students from all schools in grades 9 -12 who need a smaller and more disciplined and individualized setting to acquire credits and graduate college and career ready. The Education Transition Program (ETP) employs a tutor liaison to provide students the flexibility to acquire credits who are more than two years behind for graduation and need that flexibility and access to software using the computer to earn their high school diploma.


    The students served by our system are racially, economically, and educationally diverse. Our student population includes Caucasian (72%), African American (13%), Hispanic (2%), Asian (1%), and Native American (12%), as well as students with limited English proficiency. Our Special Education population serves a total of 585 students under Individuals Disabilities Education Act.
    Lawrence County was formed from former Cherokee Indian Land and currently encompasses 693 square miles. The county is located in the northwestern part of the state and is bounded on the north by the Tennessee River and on the south by the Bankhead National Forest. This is home to the largest Native American student population and annually host the Lawrence Multi-Culture Festival and the Jesse Owens Memorial run. According to the most recent census count the population of the county has 34,803 people residing in it.


    The Lawrence County Schools is proud of its accomplishments, but we are continually assessing our strengths in order to improve upon our success. Additionally, we seek to identify areas in need of improvement, develop plans to address those identified needs and monitor the effectiveness of our efforts. We continue to focus on our mission "Excellent Instruction, Every Class, Every Child, Every Day" setting our expectations high and consistently striving for and achieving excellence.

Contact Information

  • Lawrence County Board of Education

    14131 Market Street

    Moulton, AL 35650

    Phone:  256.905.2400

    Fax:  256.905.2406


    Dr. Jon Brett Smith






    Mrs. Heather Hood

    Secretary to Superintendent