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Lawrence County Schools (District)

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Career Technical


The goal of Lawrence County's Career/Technical Education curriculum is to provide students access to a flexible system of rigorous school and work based learning, planned collaboratively by students, parents, educators, and employers.

The U.S. Department of Education has identified 16 career clusters, all of which include a number of diverse pathways to achieving success.  During the 2007-2008 school year, Alabama completed a Course of Study that is based on the 16 career clusters in the States' Career Clusters Initiative.  Your school counselor helps students identify and explore their career options, and create education plans for high school and beyond.

A career cluster is a way to organize a student's program of study to prepare him or her for further education and/or employment in a field such as health care, business, or manufacturing.  Not every school can offer all the courses required for each cluster or pathway.  For some students, a career cluster will require a two- or four-year college, and for others learning will continue in an apprenticeship, in the military, or through on-the-job training.  Wherever students' chosen paths lead them, Career/Technical Education will help prepare each one for a fulfilling future in a career that matches their skills, interests, and goals.


Programs Offered in Lawrence County

East Lawrence High -- Agriscience Technology and Family & Consumer Science

Hatton High -- Agriscience Technology and Family & Consumer Science

Lawrence County High -- Agriscience Technology, Family & Consumer Science, and Marketing/Co-op

Center of Technology -- Auto Service Technology, Cosmetology, Drafting/Design Technology, Electronics Technology, Healthcare Science Technology, Information Technology/Business Marketing, Welding Technology, Community Co-op, and Building Construction


Non-discrimination Statement 

No person shall be denied employment, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination in any program or activity on the basis of disability, sex, race, national origin, color, or age.  Ref:  Sec. 1983, Civil Rights Act, 42 U.S.C.;  Title VI and VII, Civil Rights Act of 1964; Rehabilitation Act of 1973; Sec. 504; Age Discrimination in Employment Act; Equal Pay Act of 1963; and Title XI of Education Amendment of 1972.  Send complaints of discrimination to Title IX Coordinator, P.O. Box 302101, Montgomery, Alabama 36130-2101 or call (334) 242-8444.