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Lawrence County Schools (District)

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Mission: To provide quality health services to all students of Lawrence County Schools and thereby enhance the educational process. 

Lawrence County School Health Services strives to comply with the resources and guidelines set forth by the Alabama State Department of Education, Alabama Board of Nursing and applicable state and federal laws. 

" The school nurse strengthens and facilitates the educational process by modifying or removing health-related barriers to learning in individual students and by promoting an optimal level of wellness for students and staff. The nurse assumes responsibility for appropriate assessment, planning, intervention, evaluation, management, and/or referral activities; serves as the direct link between physicians, families, and community agencies to assure access and continuity of health care for students; provides relevant instruction, counseling, and guidance to students, parents, staff, and others concerning health-related issues; upholds professional standards, the state Nurse Practice Act, and other state and local statutes and regulations applicable to school nursing practice; and adheres to district policies and administrative guidelines."

          Philosophy of School Health Services and School Nursing

          National Association of School Nurses