• Academic Team/ Scholars Bowl Team

    The LCHS Academic Team consists of students who are both academically qualified and willing to put in practice time preparing for
    meets.  Game play consists of a 4-on- 4 quiz format in which team members must buzz in quickly to answer questions before the opposing team does.  Most team members find it beneficial to enroll in the Academic Team class as an elective to allow for more practice time, but students who pass a qualifying exam and attend regular after-school practices may also become team members.  The district tournament is normally held in February of each year, and the team
    spends much of their time preparing for that event.  Other tournaments or matches are held at various times during the year and are attended whenever
    schedules and funding will allow it.


    (Coach Belinda Cross)
    Jacob Pearson
    Brady Cross
    Sailor Letson
    Alli Slater
    Amelia Martines
    Erica McKelvey
    Cheneal Wimberley
    Hannah Smith
    Lily Reeves
    Kaitlyn Letson
    Thomas McCullough