Dr. Smith

    Dr. Jon Bret Smith Superintendent
    It is my pleasure as superintendent of the Lawrence County Schools System to welcome you to our website and to give you a snapshot inside our school system.  We encourage you to come by and visit our system in person.  In Lawrence County, we are extremely proud of the steps we are taking in order to provide a 21st century education to each of our students.  The greatest asset to our school system is our people.  The employees involved in our system have a strong commitment and concern for the welfare of our students.  In this county, where our neighbors are still important to us, our neighbors' children are our business.

    The Lawrence County School System serves our 5300 students in twelve schools. In addition to our core schools, we have an educational setting for all students regardless of interest or necessity.  The Lawrence County Center of Technology provides multiple technical education fields for our students.  The Judy Jester Learning Center provides an alternative setting for students to receive an education in a nontraditional manner.  In addition to the Judy Jester Learning Center, we provide education in an isolated setting for those who have proven to be disciplinary problems in the traditional educational setting through our Center of Opportunity or COPS program.  This has proven to serve as an effective deterrent for violence and other disciplinary issues.  The program at the Oakville Indian Museum and Educational Center, which spans 140 acres, provides an excellent supplemental education to the large Native American population of Lawrence County.  This facility also provides excellent opportunities for the Lawrence County Board of Education to host sporting events and an annual multi-cultural festival.  Our Federal Programs department also maintains Migrant Education and Homeless Education programs as well as Title I, Title II, At-Risk, Neglected and Delinquent Education, and Drug Awareness programs.  Our system also offers Pre-K programs in three communities. These have proven to improve academic success for those involved throughout the state.  A special education Pre-K program is provided for children three years or older with special needs.

    The Lawrence County Board of Education recently restructured schools, giving our system four high schools grades nine through twelve; four kindergarten through eighth grade schools; and two elementary schools and two middle schools. This school year, we have increased in size, renovated, and built several buildings to provide more modern facilities to our students.

    We have also improved educational software within the school system.  We have integrated new technologies into a system wide server which allowed us to provide a Credit Recovery program for at-risk students, and purchased Discovery Education for Grades K-8. Additionally we purchased STI-Home so parents stay informed of the progress of their children and School InSites, a web hosting program that provides an interactive communication system for schools, programs, and parents.

    It is my desire that our faculty and parents will access each of these latest programs, facilities, and technologies to help provide our students with the very best education possible.  If we can ever be of assistance to you please contact your local school principal, program coordinator, or me.


    Dr. Jon Bret Smith, Superintendent