Dragon Fly

  • The Participatiion, Concussion, Pre-participation physical (parent side) are all now completed and signed digitally on Dragonfly. The doctor side (the back side of the physical form) must be completed, making sure all info is entered correctly, and uploaded either scanned (preferred) or a picture. If taking a picture of the physical, make sure to stand directly over it (not at an angle), making sure that it fills the screen with nothing cut off, good lighting, and easily readable. Also, if it is their first year playing, they must complete NFHS Sportsmanship at NFHSLearn.com. Parents can either choose to upload a copy of the birth certificate or we can use the one on file with the school.


    Some of the most common errors that are getting uploaded physicals rejected is;
    1) Student's name is not in the upper left corner of the physical.
    2) Doctor's printed name missing where it says "Name of Physican" (doctor's name has to be written here or on stamp).
    3) Doctor's office address and/or phone number missing (either written or on stamp)
    4) Doctor's signature missing. Doctor's name in two places, in print under "Name of Physician" and then also has to sign on the bottom signature line. CRNP can do the physical, but a doctor still has to sign off on it.
    5) M.D. or D.O. not circled next to physician's signature. Even if the doctor writes it in their signature, M.D or D.O. needs to be circled.