Degrees and Certifications:

BeLinda Cross


M.S. Ed. Comprehensive Science, University of North Alabama (with additional studies at the Univeristy of Alabama at Birmingham) 

B.S. Ed. Comprehensive Science and Mathematics, Athens State University

Hazlewood High School



Lawrence County High School, 2002 - present

Sparkman High School, 1997 - 2002

Athens State University Math Lab, 1994 - 1997


COURSES 2019-2020

1st pd:  General Anatomy and Physiology 

2nd pd:  Medical Anatomy and Physiology 

3rd pd:  AP Environmental Science

4th pd:  STEM research and Academic Team Practice

5th pd:  AP Environmental Science

6th pd:  Medical Anatomy and Physiology

7th pd:  Planning




National Honor Society 

Scholars' Bowl / Academic Team




♦  Most Outstanding Comprehensive Science Graduate, Athens State University (1997)

♦  Alabama Power "Best New Teacher" (1998)

♦  NASA Space Environments and Effects Grant - $18,000  (1998)

♦  Alabama Science in Motion Biology Program (1998 - present)

♦  Madison Foundation Grant "GPS Treasure Hunt" (1998)

♦  Madison Foundation Grant "Star Search" (1999)

♦  NASA Moon Rock Custody Certification (2000)

♦  NASA Student Launch Initiative Team Leader (2000-2002)

♦  Alabama Science in Motion Chemistry Program (2003 - present)

♦  Captain Planet Environmental Education Grant (2004)

♦  Death and Homicide Investigation Certification (2006)  

♦  Alabama Homicide Investigators Association Charter Member (2006 - present)

♦  LCHS Teacher of the Year (2009-2010)

♦  We Are Teachers Innovative Lesson Planning Contest winner:  "Digging Up Bones" (2011)

♦  Samsung Solve for Tomorrow National Contest winner:  "Hog Wild - Minimizing the Damage from Invasive Species" (2012)

♦  Microsoft Partners in Learning Forum featured presenter, Redmond, WA (2012)

♦  Lawence County Secondary Teacher of the Year (2012-2013)

♦  NMSI Laying the Foundation program training, Chemistry (2013)

♦  College Board AP Environmental Science training (2013)

♦  "GE Star" Teacher Award recipient (2013)

♦  Samsung Solve for Tomorrow State Contest winner (2013)

♦  Disney "Friends for Change" Grant winner - Community garden design (2014)

♦  Samsung Solve for Tomorrow National Contest finalist:  "Mosquito-Borne Illnesses and Climate Change" (2015)

♦  Samsung Solve for Tomorrow National Contest finalist:  "Bee the Change - Preventing Colony Collapse Disorder" (2016)

♦   International collaborative science project:  "Global Classroom STEAM Challenge",  presenter @ the United Nations HQ (2017-2018)

♦   CORE grant team (2018-2020)