Ms Sue wandered to Mt. Ranier
  • I am a resource (special education) teacher.  The 2019-2020 school year is my 26th year to teach in Lawrence County.  Overall, I have 39 years of teaching experience.

    I provide specialized instruction to students who may be struggling in academic subjects, primarily reading and math.  I enjoy the challenge and rewards of teaching in small groups where I can continuously work with each child's unique strengths and needs.

    Over the course of my life I have lived in several regions of the USA.  

    My first town - my birthplace - was Cincinnati, Ohio.  I attended elementary and high school there, and then went to Emory University in Atlanta for undergraduate work.  My major was in psychology, and I had minors in education and French.   After graduation from Emory I moved to California, to the southern part of the Bay Area.  I went back to college to earn a California teaching certification.  My next move was to Idaho Falls, Idaho, where I lived for five years.  For three of those years, I taught fifth grade -- all subjects including PE, art, and music.  I also taught a 5th/6th multi-grade class for two years. Eastern Idaho was a fantastic place to live for someone who enjoys the outdoors and camping as much as I do.  I was just three hours away from Yellowstone National Park.  I also learned to snow ski while I lived in Idaho.  Since we had about 5 months of winter every year, it was important to find a way to enjoy the snow.  Then I moved cross country to Virginia Beach, Virginia.  For four years, I taught math, science, and reading at Virginia Beach Friends Schools (a Quaker school).  

    My last move was to Alabama, where my (former) husband got a position at the Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant.  One of my early Alabama jobs was working for the State of Alabama's Early Intervention Program.  Early Intervention provides services to infants and toddlers with disabilities and their families.  I earned a Master's Degree in Special Education at Alabama A&M University.  Then I had to opportunity to come to Lawrence County Schools to start our special education program for preschool-aged children.  That position gave me the opportunity to work with children from all over Lawrence County.  Nine years ago, I finally got to move up to 'big school' when I transferred to Hazlewood.  Here at Hazlewood, I have worked with students of all ages.  Love Hazlewood!!!

    My family was small when I was growing up.  I have just one sister, who still lives in Cincinnati.  I have two children, Melissa and Eddie.  They gradualted from Austin High School.  Melissa and her husband currently live in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  In Tulsa are my granddaughter, Cadence, who is in 7th grade, and step-granddaughter, Hannah, who is in 10th grade.    My son, Eddie, and his wife live in Madison.  I have a grandson, Roman (13 months old) and another baby grandson (Micah) who is due in early December, 2019.  I also have four "honorary" grandchildren.

    "Ms. Sue" loves to go camping (in a tent) and take pictures.  I have traveled to all 50 states.  In 2009, I drove to Alaska, tent camping all the way there and back.  That trip lasted 37 days, because I stopped at many places along the way.  My very favorite place to visit is Yellowstone National Park.  I hope to go there again in the summer of 2020.

    I live in Decatur and I am active in my church.   I have also been an Outdoor Trainer with the Girl Schools.  That involves teaching camping and outdoor cooking skills to adult volunteers so they can take the girls camping.

    (I took the picture of wildflowers at Mt. Ranier, Washington, 2009.)



    My planning periods are the times during the school day to schedule conferences with parents. or to make/take phone calls.  I am also available to meet with parents at 2:50 PM after school, Monday through Friday.

        Monday planning period:        9:35 AM -- 10:20 AM

        Tuesday planning period:      10:25 AM -- 10:50 AM

        Wednesday planning period:   9:35 AM -- 10:20 AM

        Thursday planning period:    10:25 AM -- 10:50 AM

        Friday planning period:          9:35 AM  -- 10:20 AM


    Tent sweet tent Mount Moran, Wyoming Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Nova Scotia  Ms. Sue sees you!                      



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