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Lawrence County Schools (District)

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Consent Order

The Lawrence County Board of Education and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, representing
the Black school children of Lawrence County, have reached agreement in the Board’s decades
old school desegregation lawsuit. On February 21, 2024 the Court approved a new Consent
Order for Provisional Unitary Status and administratively closed the desegregation case. This
agreement declares that the Board of Education has achieved Provisional Unitary Status, and, if
the Board upholds its end of the agreement for the next three years, the agreement will result in a
complete dismissal of the desegregation lawsuit.

To review the Court’s Opinion and the Consent Order for Provisional Unitary Status, please
click the below link:
Consent Order

The Consent Order requires the Board to employ a “Transition and Inclusive Education
Supervisor” to oversee the implementation of the Consent Order and address potential climate
issues within the District. Dr. Gina Baggett serves as the Board’s Transition and Inclusive
Education Supervisor. Dr. Baggett may be contacted at the below contact information:, 256-905-2400 ext. 10110

In addition, the Consent Order also creates a Superintendent’s Advisory Council. The members
of the Superintendent’s Advisory Council will be announced very soon and listed on this
webpage. The purpose of the Superintendent’s Advisory Council is to receive community
concerns about the implementation of the Consent Order and present those concerns and
recommendations to the Superintendent and Dr. Baggett. The Superintendent’s Advisory Council
will meet with the Superintendent at the end of every nine weeks. More information regarding
the Superintendent’s Advisory Council and its work will be announced in the near future.

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Narrative Summary of Gifted Identification Process

7.6 Dual Enrollment Policy

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