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ELMS Student of the Week



                                                                           Charles Burgess

                        Charles Burgess is this week’s ELMS Student of the Week!

Charles is thirteen years old a sixth grader in Mrs. Graham’s homeroom.  

His Parent’s are Michael and April Burgess. Charles has two brothers, Isaiah and Levi. They have one family pet, a Miniature Pinscher named Penny.

Charles has many things he enjoys but here are a few of his favorite things.  His favorite subject in school is math, his favorite color is red and favorite food is red beans and rice.  Charles favorite thing to do is play video games and his favorite game is “Call of Duty.” Charles favorite family time is when they all go mud bike riding at Chicken Foot.  Favorite time with dad is when they work on cars together. Charles’s favorite items are two rare coins his Grandfather gave him.

Charles has plans for his future, they are to join the ROTC in high school then get a military scholarship to join the Marines after he graduates.


Congratulations Charles for being this week’s ELMS Student Of The Week!