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New to our system?

This information will help you through the enrollment process.

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New to our system?

Welcome!  Thank you for your interest in attending Lawrence County Schools.  This page will guide you through the enrollment process for Lawrence County Schools. Please use the following information to aid in enrollment in Lawrence County Schools.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Lawrence County Board of Education @ 256-905-2400.  If you would like to speak with a counselor or administrator in private, please call the local school office.  

Age of Admission (Code of Alabama (1975) 16-28-4)
Children entering kindergarten must be five years old on or before September 1st.  Children entering first grade must be six years old on or before September 1st.  Students requesting admission who are over 17 years of age with a history of disciplinary dismissals may be denied enrollment.

Lawrence County Schools has no barriers to enrollment, regardless of migrant, immigrant, limited English proficient or homeless status.

*Click the links below to view/print forms.*

Lawrence County Schools enrollment documentation checklist: Please have all documentation on the check list for enrollment.

Lawrence County Enrollment Documentation Checklist 


Enrollment Forms:

Lawrence County Board of Education Enrollment Form (English)

Lawrence County Board of Education Enrollment Form (Spanish)

Home Language Survey (Multiple Languages) 

Employment Survey (English)

Employment Survey (Spanish)

Online Lunch Form Instructions (English) 

Lunch Form (English) 

Lunch Form (Spanish) 

Acknowledgement Form (English) 

Acknowledgement Form (Spanish)

Health Form (English) 


Board Policies in regards to enrollment:

Lawrence County Board of Education Policies for Enrollment


The Superintendent may accept alternative forms of evidence or modify otherwise applicable requirements as necessary and appropriate to accommodate migrant, immigrant, limited English proficient or homeless students.


By federal law and relevant court orders, as well as Alabama Department of Education directives, these documents are not required in order to enroll.  The collection of this information is for creation of a unique identifier for students.  This is important due to electronic transfer of information of students from one school to another, both within our system and state.  Failure to produce these documents does not prevent a student from being enrolled in any Lawrence County School.  If a student does not have or cannot produce a Social Security number, a unique identifying number, based on formula unique to the school system, will be used to create the number.  NO intent is made or implied to require information regarding any student’s immigration and/or citizenship status.  


Parents Right to Know

Lawrence County Public Schools Parents Right-to-Know Procedures

The Lawrence County Public School System desires to maintain strong communication and a cooperative effort between home and school. We are committed to providing your child with a quality education. One of the keys in accomplishing this is to ensure that our teaching personnel are caring and well qualified.

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Parent's Right-to-Know Procdeures 

Parent Notice of Right-to-Know & Written Request Form